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We are nearing the 80th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Honor some of the Pearl Harbor fallen by listening to their stories. You won't believe what these men went through in their liv...

Another great episode about woman's role in WWII learn what it took to be a flight nurse.  Read Thelma LaFave's story here

Researcher Lea Schneider gives a wonderful explanation of the history of women in the United States Marine Corps and tells the story of Helen Fluckey and how she lived her short li...

Listen to the story of Frances Y Slanger Army Nurse who wrote a famous letter that was published all across the country. read entire story here

Read Myron's whole story here

Three stories of Fallen Band of Brother members told by researcher Bryan Fusfield.  See full stories here: https://www.fol...

Part 2 with our interview with Researcher Bryan Fusfield. See the story here

Researcher Bryan Fusfield tells us his reasons for joining the project as young Millennial and share the amazing story of Robert Hilton

Find out how you can become a volunteer here Read the full story here:

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