Lea Schneider of Tennessee has written more than 70 stories of American women who died while serving their country in World War II.  Here are links to the stories she talked about in her interview.
Ellen Ainsworth: Silver Star recipient, killed by enemy fire https://www.fold3.com/page/529926591/ellen-g-ainsworth/stories
Katherine Applegate Keeler Dussaq: detective and forensic expert https://www.fold3.com/page/641396016/katherine-m-applegate/stories
Nancy J Leo: Only woman buried at Luxembourg American Cemetery https://www.fold3.com/page/637047915/nancy-j-leo/stories
Adela E Lutz: Distinguished Flying Cross recipient, died in combat zone https://www.fold3.com/page/529925535/aleda-e-lutz/stories
Alice Pauline McKinney: Missing WAC who lost a brother https://www.fold3.com/page/83085591/alice-p-mckinney/stories
Marjorie Gertrude Morrow, Battle of Anzio casualty https://www.fold3.com/page/529928786/marjorie-g-morrow/stories
Carrie T Sheetz: front line Army nurse https://www.fold3.com/page/638728134/carrie-t-sheetz/stories
Getrude Vreeland Tompkins: the last lost WWII woman pilot https://www.fold3.com/page/641396224/gertrude-vreeland-tompkins/stories
Betty Taylor Wood - possible foul play victim https://www.fold3.com/page/641396257/elizabeth-louise-taylor/stories
Cornelia A. Wycokoff - only woman doctor to die in service in WWII https://www.fold3.com/page/638836371/cornelia-a-wyckoff/stories
To see a list of 70+ stories written by Lea Schnieder, click here.
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